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Ramayana: A Journey


‘Subtleties beyond the tragic and heroic invite the reader to draw parallels to the struggles of daily life. This version of the Ramayana is a brief but abundant retelling of the epic poem and includes gorgeous traditional illustrations of the story in addition to boxed features that introduce various aspects of Hindu worship and customs.’

Brian Bruya, editorial review

‘I particularly liked the way Ranchor Prime caters for those of his audience who are not familiar with Indian culture or Hindu philosophy… The book is beautifully illustrated throughout; its colourful plates, based on ancient Indian art, depict scenes from the story and allow the characters to jump up from the imagination into reality.’

Diane Rollinson, former administrator, Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies

‘Ranchor Prime’s superb retelling of the Ramayana is so engaging that once you’ve begun reading you’ll find it hard to put the book down.’

‘I felt like going back to my childhood, trapped by this amazing, wonderful epic tale.  So simple, at the same time, so deep.  Give it to your children too.  Once they start, they will not stop until finished.’

Sara, Amazon reviewer

This is my original unabridged text, retelling Rama’s great adventure in simple modern English faithfully following Valimiki’s original form. It was commissioned by Channel 4 to accompany a Ramayana series screened in 1998 as part of their Indian Independence 50th anniversary season. This edition includes authentic artwork, drawn from many parts of the sub-continent and many eras, to add cultural depth and colour.

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