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Bhagavad Gita

Talks Between the Soul and God


‘Prime began this translation as a way of sharing the Gita with his own children, and his commentary exudes a fatherly and caring spirit.’

Publishers Weekly

‘This translation brings alive this vital ancient text for Western audiences. It may be the best English edition of the Gita for enticing customers to take a dip into a dazzling river of divine knowledge.’ 

New Age Retailer


A contemporary interpretation of a classic of ancient wisdom. Have you ever asked the purpose of life or who you are?’ Do you seek peace of mind? Here is an invitation to discover the essential wisdom of yoga for today’s world.

The Bhagavad Gita is an encounter without parallel in world literature. At its heart is a conversation between the soul and God. This new edition is the first to be produced from a home-grown British Hindu, aimed at a contemporary Western audience. It includes the specially commissioned drawings of the English artist Charles Newington.

Ranchor Prime’s version adopts a non-sectarian approach, making the Gita relevant to those of all religions or none, and emphasising the link between religion and self-development. It is distinguished by its easy accessibility. His section-by-section commentary opens the text to the spiritual seeker. He never loses sight of the audience for his book, and that he wants his readers to understand the Gita in a personal way.

The knowledge of yoga burns karma to ashes. The boat of this knowledge carries you across the ocean of misery.

The illustrator
Charles Newington is a painter, printmaker and illustrator, most well know as the creator of The White Horse of Folkestone, a giant hill figure above the Channel Tunnel entrance. His latest exhibition of paintings, inspired by St John’s Book of Revelation, was held at the Atlantis Bookshop Gallery, London, in October 2009.

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