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Message of Devotion


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare
Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Hearing and chanting about Krishna clears my mind of all troubles and fills my heart with peace. I was introduced to sacred music as a choirboy at Westminster Cathedral, where I learned to sing traditional Gregorian plainchant in the daily cycle of the hymns and psalms. We were taught that plainchant was 'sung prayer' to be chanted with feeling for the Latin words. Later when I discovered 'bhajan', the Vaishnava tradition of devotional chanting, I felt very much at home with contemplating the mysteries of God through singing.

In spring 1984, when I was serving at the London Hare Krishna Temple, I met two young English musicians who had just returned from studying under their guru in India. They so liked the chanting in the temple that they suggested we record some of it together. I had long wanted to make a tape of daily prayers from the daily temple services, and readily agreed. After a week’s rehearsals we travelled to Chaitanya College near Worcester where Metavision had a superbly equipped audio and video recording studio managed by Mohan Prabhu. They brought their tablas and sitar, and my friends Vedavyasa and Srikama came to sing and to play tamboura and kartals. We spent two enjoyable days together then left the tape with Mohan and returned to London.

After a few weeks the musicians went on their way. Six months later Mohan presented me with Message of Devotion, which went on sale in the temple shop. If it had not been for Mohan’s generous service our music would never have got beyond the recording studio. I am grateful to the devotees and friends who helped make this tape possible and to all those over the years who have kindly expressed to me their appreciation of it. May we all be fortunate to sit one day at the lotus feet of the original divine musician of Vrindavan, and hear the song of His transcendental flute.

Produced by Mohan Das
Sound engineering by Mohan Das
Recorded 1984 at Metavision Studio, Chaitanya College, Worcester, England
Special thanks to my musician friends on tabla and sitar, to Srikama Dasi and Vedavyasa Das for their singing and musical accompaniment and to Mohan Das for all his help and friendship.

Digitally re-mastered June 1995 from the original master recording by Dwarakadish Dasa. CD edition February 2004. Purchase here.

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