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Sacred Music

Hearing and chanting about Krishna clears my mind of all troubles and fills my heart with peace. I was introduced to sacred music as a choirboy at Westminster Cathedral, where I learned to sing traditional Gregorian plainchant in the daily cycle of the hymns and psalms. We were taught that plainchant was 'sung prayer' to be chanted with feeling for the Latin words. Later when I discovered 'bhajan', the Vaishnava tradition of devotional chanting, I felt very much at home with contemplating the mysteries of God through singing.

On my Soundcloud page is a unique recording of the Gayatri Mantra which I was inspired to make during my many visits to the summit of Primrose Hill in London. This recording is not available anywhere else. Listen here.


Also on my Soundcloud page you will find numerous readings of excerpts from my books.

CDs recorded with friends from the London Radha Krishna Temple

Message of Devotion (1984):

Download here or search for Ranchor on iTunes.

Journey to Vrindavan (1995):

Available on Apple Music here.

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