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Fitzrovia Press

Contemporary books inspired by ancient wisdom for the general reader

I founded Fitzrovia Press as a small independent publishing house in 2008. At that time my home was in Fitzrovia in central London. Fitzrovia is a neighbourhood which has long been associated with arts and literary culture, hence my choice of name. The publishing house is dedicated to fiction and non-fiction inspired by world spirituality. Our subject areas include yoga, alternative spirituality, ecology, mysticism, Hindu philosophy, storytelling and children’s books. Since 2015 we have been based Glastonbury, Somerset.

Please visit the Fitzrovia Press website here.


Eternal Dance of Love

The Beautiful Story of Lord Chaitanya

Ranchor Prime

Sri Krishna Chaitanya lived on Earth 500 years ago, but he was from beyond this world. He belongs to another plane of reality. Hear his story with open heart and be drawn into His Eternal Dance of Love. 


The Eight Elements
My Journey Through Life's Mysteries

Ranchor Prime

A beautiful and personal reflection on divine presence in nature.



Bhagavad Gita
Talks Between the Soul and God

Ranchor Prime

Translation with contemporary interpretation by Ranchor Prime
with 20 line drawings by Charles Newington
Publication : May 2010


Cows and the Earth

Ranchor Prime

The story of Britain’s first dairy in modern times to run entirely without animal slaughter or the use of fossil fuels. Ranchor Prime

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