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The Birth of Kirtan

The life and teachings of Lord Chaitanya 


'This is an amazingly wonderful text.

Not because of the words in it, though Ranchor's writing is never less than beautiful, but because of the living presence that breaths, sings, weeps, laughs and dances through every page.'

- from the Preface by Jai Uttal

‘In this confused age the best spiritual practice is to chant the holy names of God,’ taught Sri Chaitanya. ‘Seek the company of devotees, and together chant Krishna’s names, then your love for God will grow and you will find lasting happiness.’

Five centuries after Chaitanya gave this simple and profound message
to the world, his wisdom was carried to the West by my teacher, A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, in the form of the Hare Krishna movement. Following his inspiration, I have retold this wonderful story in simple language, based on the original biographies of Sri Chaitanya’s contemporaries.

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