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Vedic Ecology


‘The ecological knowledge that will be crucial to the survival of humanity in our new century is not only emerging from contemporary science, but is also an integral part of traditional wisdom in many cultures around the world. This beautiful book connects modern ecology and environmental activism with the ancient Vedic tradition of India in a way that inspires contemplation and action.’ 

Fritjof Capra

‘I saw this book at a lovely bookstore when I was in the mountains enjoying foliage scenery. Ranchor Prime looks at ancient Indian philosophy for answers to contemporary problems. He shows examples, such as an interview with Vandana Shiva and the model of the group Friends of Vrindavan, of environmentalists who use Vedic principles to move toward sustainable solutions. The book has lovely artistic images and citations from books of philosophy.’ 

Dilip Barman, Some of My Favorite Books

‘A great book for environmentally inclined yogis… Using stories from Hinduism the author connects Hindu symbolism and spirituality with ecological practices, then presents modern India and the struggle to preserve in the face of great population and economic pressures. [He] ends with five chapters presenting ways we can unite current practices with tradition, letting… “all beings be happy” and acting to restore the forests of Krishna.’ 

Dr. Greenjeans, Yoga East

This book is a revised and expanded version of Hinduism and Ecology, and includes a new chapter in which Vandana Shiva speaks about her own ecological values and what they owe to her Hindu faith. 

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