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Prince of Peace: The Illustrated Life of Mahavira


Mahavira shunned absolutely all violence against all creatures, human or otherwise, through thought, word or deed. A lesson for today’s world. He is known as the founder of the Jain religion. This gentle hero taught through his life the importance of humility and patience in the face of adversity. His most celebrated doctrine, non-violence, was made famous in the 20th century by Gandhi, a student of Jainism. His travels and teachings are retold here, accompanied by the beautiful paintings of B G Sharma.

Mahavira lived in Northern India in the 6th century BCE, and was according to tradition twenty-fourth in a line of teachers called Tirthankaras, that stretches back beyond the reach of recorded history. His life was strikingly similar to the life of his contemporary, Gautama Buddha. Like him, Mahavira renounced his throne to seek enlightenment.

Prince of Peace: The Illustrated Life of Mahavira
published by Mandala Publishing 2007

100 pages, 40 colour illustrations
large format: 31 cm (12.5 in) square

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