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Cows and the Earth:

What does your milk really cost?

Cows Earth.jpeg

‘I have never witnessed animals so happy and contented – sets a new standard in organic dairy farming’
Patrick Holden, Director of the Soil Association

The story of a unique experiment to transplant Hindu principles of cow protection and working oxen to the modern Western world. It began when George Harrison gave a Hertfordshire manor house to a community of Krishna people, and their cow.

The experiment grew into a 21st-century carbon-free working farm in a superb set of low-tech buildings housing fifty cows and oxen. The farm runs entirely without animal slaughter or fossil fuels.

I explain why cow protection embodies the principles of sustainable and ethical living so necessary for the future peace and prosperity of our planet.

‘Without cow protection, no ecological argument can be complete’
Chrissie Hynde, musician and environmental campaigner

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