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The Eight Elements

My journey through the mystery of life

A personal exploration of humanity's relationship with nature

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In the 1960s Ranchor Prime left home to begin a lifelong exploration of spirituality. In this beautiful book, he reflects on his journey and, one by one, introduces the reader to the eight elements of ancient Hindu cosmology: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Mind, Wisdom and Ego.


‘A magnificent and profound work.’

Martin Palmer, author and broadcaster, BBC

While staying in the Lake District, I relived my journey through nature inspired by my feelings for the planet and our human predicament in these troubled times of global environmental and spiritual crisis.

Ancient wisdom saw nature as made of eight elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Mind, Wisdom and Ego. These elements are the substance of this world and the dress that we wear in our earthly incarnations. They range from physical to subtle, from visible to invisible.

Understanding these elements, experiencing and working with them in sacred awareness, transforms our lives. At this time all humans are called to choose how we wish to live; to choose between the paths of increasing light or the paths of sleep.

I share my personal realisations based on my work with yoga and ecology, wishing to inspire and encourage you on your personal spiritual journey.

Each chapter includes guided meditations and my own drawings (click on image to expand for description).

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