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The Illustrated Bhagavad Gita

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‘This well-illustrated version of the Bhagavad Gita… is distinguished by its easy accessibility. Prime’s section-by-section commentary opens the text to the spiritual seeker…  [he] never loses sight of the audience for his book, and that he wants readers to understand the Gita in a personal way. In fact, Prime began this translation as a way of sharing the Gita with his own children, and his commentary exudes a fatherly and caring spirit. The book’s photographs and illustrations are often breathtaking, showing Hindus at prayer or engaged in simple acts of daily life.’ 

Publishers Weekly

‘The level of scholarship is irreproachable and the translation excellent… This translation’s primary strength is the elegance of the poetry. The translator has done an absolutely superior job in capturing the lyricism and beauty of the original… I really like the architecture of the translation. By separating off each chapter into a strictly defined category, the shifts in theme and meaning become very clear. In this respect, this translation is superior to any I’ve encountered… Has the chance to become the standard academic text for the Gita… It could become the standard classroom translation for some time to come.’ 

Barrons in-house evaluation

‘A Gita that could be read and understood by children as well as adults. I intend to purchase many more copies to send to family and friends this Christmas.’ 

Yadavendu (Jeffrey Davies)

‘Ranchor Prime’s translation of the Gita sings… He brings this vital Hindu text to life for Western audiences. Bright, vivid photographs and paintings on every page make the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna seem even more relevant to real lives… The Illustrated Bhagavad Gita may be the best English edition of the Gita for enticing customers to take a dip into a dazzling river of divine knowledge.’ 

New Age Retailor

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